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Name AZETSU Tadahiro
Belonging department 国際文化学部 文化創造学科
Occupation name 教授


Secular changes in information literacy for first-year university students


IPSJ SIG Technical Report, Vol.2021-CE-162, No.21, pp.1-7



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T. Azetsu, N. Yoshinaga




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In this paper, we report on relationships between information literacy and the period of beginning PC use for first-year university students based on the questionnaire surveys conducted in 2016 and 2019. A comparison of the 2016 and 2019 surveys suggests that PC information literacy may still be related to cultural capital that depends on the home environment. In this study, the subjective evaluation of PC input is used as the index of information literacy. To verify the validity of the subjective evaluation, the speed of typing on PC is measured, and the correlation between the subjective evaluation and the typing speed is obtained. As a result, it is confirmed that there is a positive correlation between them, and subjective evaluation is used as a provisional index of information literacy. Using this information literacy index, all students are divided into a group with high computer literacy skills and a group with less computer literacy skills. By comparing the two groups, students with high computer literacy skills tend to have a higher utilization rate of commonly used PC applications more than students with less computer literacy skills. However, in the 2019 survey, it is also confirmed that the difference of the utilization rates of commonly used PC applications between the two groups has decreased. In addition, students with high computer literacy skills are more likely to have PC at home when they were in elementary school than students with less computer literacy skills. On the other hand, some students who were exposed to PCs only at school in elementary school have high computer literacy skills, and the effectiveness of school education is still observed.